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We’re the one and only officially authorised virtual.cargolux.

Since 2003!

About us

One of the oldest VAs – Still going strong.

“virtual.cargolux” has been in the “virtual aviation business” since 2003 and is simulating the flight operations of its real world counter-part(s). We also have added additional flights that allow for some entertainement.

A short legal notice – Before we can start our engines…

“virtual.cargolux” is a virtual airline for flight simulation and does not exist in reality. We don’t have real aircraft and you are not able to book flights nor send cargo with us. We are engaged in flight simulation on PC and do this as our hobby and with great enthusiasm. Our aim is to simulate operations of the real-world counterpart as close and as reasonably possible.

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Our website has been updated a bit, links replaced and other minor […]
Happy New Year to all of you!
Our SOP has been updated to Version 1.02.

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