Thank you for your interest in joining “virtual.cargolux” airlines (vCLX). We are in the virtual airline business since 2003 and are the one and only “virtual.cargolux” that comes close the real-deal. We pride ourselves as one of the most professional virtual airlines (VA’s) on the internet. Before you join we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and also we would like to give you some – actually very few – guidelines. We consider this as being important for you PRIOR joining.

What is “virtual.cargolux” airlines?
“virtual.cargolux” is a group of flight simulator enthusiast that enjoy virtual aviation and simulation. We are a community of people with common interest and we enjoy spending time together flying online, share experiences in regards to our flights. Our virtual airline provides you with valuable resources to make your flying experience as realistic as the real world counterpart.

What does “online-flying” mean?
“virtual.cargolux” accepts pilots who are registered members of either VATSIM ( or IVAO ( network. For information on how to fly online at:
– VATSIM please visit the Pilot Resource Center for useful information
– IVAO please visit their home page ( and check out further information under section “Pilot”
While we can’t force anyone to “fly online” we still encourage you to do so, as it is a lot of fun and it adds more realism to your flight experience while talking to “Virtual Air Traffic Controllers”. It is always nice to see other planes around you and listen to a busy air traffic controller trying to keep everyone save and sound!

What is the “probation period”?
You need to submit your first completed flight within 14 days of signing up with us. You are further required to log a minimum one (1) flight per calendar month – at least this should be one of the reasons why you came here in the first place and wanted to join us, or? Failure to do so – plus not submitting a “Leave of Absence” (LoA) request for staff to review and approve PRIOR taking prolonged time off – will result in your pilot account being removed!

How can I sign up?
You select the link on our homepage and submit your data in detail as required – no worries your data is kept confidential and secure! After submission of your application you will receive an email containing your pilot-id and link for your “VAMSYS pilot center” – Log-in and download the “Pegasus” client to your PC, enter your pilot-details and you are ready to start your virtual flight experience. (Reminder: The email with your sign-up details normally comes instant, so if you get no reply check your spam-folder, thank you!)

How are my flights recorded?
“virtual.cargolux” is using VAMSYS – Virtual Airline Management System – ( services to provide you with a flight recording tool and up-to-date schedules.
Details on how to setup your “Pegasus client” are available inside your vAMSYS account – under section “Resources”.

What does “virtual.cargolux” require of its pilots to remain active?
We like to see you actively participating with flying on a regular basis – remember at least one (1) flight per month to stay on the pilot list! We offer you interesting and challenging “week-end tours”. Our schedules offer you plenty of diversity! WE NAME IT, YOU FLY IT!

What is the preferred aircraft to be used?
As we try and simulate the flying activities of the real-world airline, we also like to be as close as possible to the real deal when it comes to the aircraft we like you to use for your flying. We highly recommend the B747-series (either B747-400F or the B747-8F model) from Precision Manuals ( as we feel that their performance and payload modeling comes close to the real world aircraft. (Note: this would also be applicable for flights being operated by the B737NGX. As for flights with the Dash8-Q400 aircraft we recommend using the model from Majestic Software (

vAMSYS is configured to check on aircraft PLUS paint-job being used for your flight – so make sure you are using the correct aircraft type and have the correct paint on your aluminum tube 🙂
If you like to fly your Airbus, or other aircraft, then this is not the place for you! There are other virtual airlines around for you to consider! (CHECK OUR SOP’s for UPDATED INFORMATION!)

Can I transfer hours from my previous Virtual Airline?
“virtual.cargolux” is delighted if you have and active virtual flying career and previous flying hours, but we do not accept any hour transfer for your new career. Everyone starts at the “bottom of the list” and enjoys his virtual career path.

Why are there flights on other aircraft types than B747-400F or B747-8F?
As per popular demand and requests from the community members we have included the flight schedule for the countries legacy airline. This is for the pure pleasure of the not so “faint long-haul flyer”. It allows you to explore some nice places around, fly different great aircraft like B737NGX-family and Dash8-Q400’s, and also offers you the possibility to make a short flight if you have a time constraint. We also have included some tours of the IVAO network in our schedule – e.g. F1-, IFR- and LongHaul Tour – you will find the corresponding flights in our schedule.