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  3. Hello everyone, gentle reminder to everyone to ensure that their flightplan - when flying online - has in the remark section a reference to the VA... It would be great to see OPR/virtualcargolux.org (for VATSIM) or OPR/virtualcargoluxorg (for IVAO - no " . " possible, as IVAO doesnt like that Thanks for "tropping the colors" PS: This especially for new joiners to the VA and them not having seen the info on that matter. 😉
  4. Hello, flight schedule and routing update completed for CLX and ICV with flights having performed within the last 8 days. Destinations clean up also completed, so the "Destination Map" under "Flight Center" is now showing flights and connections as they are happening those days. Stay safe and keep the blue side up 🛫 🌤️ 🛬
  5. Hello, flight schedule and routing update completed for CLX and ICV with flights having performed within the last 8 days. Destinations clean up also completed, so the "Destination Map" under "Flight Center" is now showing flights and connections as they are happening those days. Update for LGL schedule is due to happen as soon as we have obtained some "reliable information" as to what is planned for the Summer season. (YES, you may already have seen some extra activity BUT we dont have any info on hand yet - so please be patient, thank you) Stay saf
  6. Hello, flight schedule and routing update completed for CLX and ICV with flights having performed within the last 7 days. Destinations clean up also completed, so the "Destination Map" under "Flight Center" is now showing flights and connections as they are happening those days. Update for LGL schedule and routing is forrseen upon start of Summer Time-Table last week of March (unless some extra activity is spotted and reported, e.g. the latest charters to SCR and DXB/RKT). Please check "company information" for a flight you like to book in order to avoid surprised once pi
  7. until
    Cargolux Charter Flight to AUH/BAH
  8. Please be advised if a major schedule update that happened today to allign with current AIRAC (2012) being effective - routes have been updated with actual flown routings in the last 6 days - see announcement in our Discord channel. Some flights have been deleted, plenty of new routings added, and even those that are currently not servered remained available. Enjoy, and remember to check the "company info" on the booking screen in case of "special instructions" for your flight. Cheers Norbert
  9. The Luxair Winter schedules are now pre-loaded into vAMSYS. Due to COVID cancellations, a lot aren't starting until next month but this is what you can expect coming soon: Bucharest (NEW) - 30 November Dublin - 01 December Krakow - 04 December Innsbruck / Salzburg - 05 December (Flight routes LUX-INN-SZG-LUX) Boa Vista / Sal - 11 December (Flight routes LUX-BVC-SID-LUX) Copenhagen - 14 December Budapest - 17 December Podgorica (NEW) - 18 December Palermo / Bari - 19 December (until 05 January 2021 only - Flight routes LUX-PMO-BRI-LUX) Agadir -
  10. There seems to be a bug which affects some of you - If you have an issue, please use the normal login option.
  11. With the new platform, we also introduced the VAMSYS SSO option. I already have an Account: If you got your account created manually during migration, you've to login with your existing account, then you can link your account to your vAMSYS Account in your Profile-Settings: I don't have an Account: You can Login/Register via the vAMSYS Login Button - Once you're in, you can ask for further permissions via: vAMSYS Forum Section Support Section
  12. Welcome to virtual.cargolux This page contains a few items which might be important for your career with us. Before you jump into a plane As much as we like and endorse Data-Privacy, it has become a hassle for companies or organizations like us. Therefore it is absolutely required to read this page. Your action IS required, without we will have to remove you from our roster for legal reasons. Your First Flight with us Your first flight with us needs to be within the fi
  13. All major SOP violations like Pausing, Slewing, Major deviations of structural limits, etc. will be invalidated. For all other criteria, we are going ahead with a point based approach: If your total point count is below 0, your PIREP will be rejected If yout total point count is below -50, your PIREP will be invalidated
  14. Points awarded by vAMSYS See PIREP Points Manual at vAMSYS: Virtual Cargolux | PIREP Points Manual (vamsys.io) vCLX Points Category Item Points Remarks DEP/ARR/Div Diversion with suitable reason +25 Missing scenery does not count as suitable reason Diversion with fishy reason -50
  15. 1. No-Fly-Zones Following airspaces are considered as No-Fly-Zones. By deviating from approved company routes, it is your responsibility to avoid those FIRs. Failing to do so will void (invalidate) your PIREP. Country FIRs North Korea ZKKP Ukraine UKDV, UKFV Syria OSTT Libya HLLL Somalia HCSM
  16. 6.1 Facebook Group vCLX we have a Facebook Group, which is available for Members only. 6.2 Forum You are here now 🙂 6.3 Discord 6.3.1 Do I need it? Being a member in our Discord is manadatory. 6.3.2 How to get access? If you’re logged in on vAMSYS, you’ll find the Discord Widget on the right hand side, you can click there to access Discord. Discord works in your Browser (limited functionality), Desktop Application (Win/Mac/Linux) and as App for Android/iPhone - And it’s free! 6.3.3 What is in there? We share our Screenshots in there, we have fun, w
  17. 5.1 General instructions for the career 5.1.1 General vCLX is holding a V-AOC. All training and checking programs for operations personnel are to be found in the OM D. 5.1.2 Career All pilots with or without previous Virtual Airline experience are assigned the initial rank of Trainee First Officer.
  18. 4.1 Crew Composition All our flights are operated with a single pilot, except shared cockpit on the Majestic Dash which can be operated with two pilots. 4.2 Flight crew incapacitation N/A 4.3 Designation of the Pilot in Command In our single pilot operation, the pilot is the Pilot in Command. When flying in “Shared Cockpit” environment the pilot with higher rank shall act as a Commander. 4.4 Operation of more types There are no restrictions to our pilots engaged in the operations with vCLX aircraft 4.5 Minimum activity The pilot must assure that he has c
  19. 3.1 Corporate Responsibility For vCLX, Corporate Social Responsibility means pursuing a socially and environmentally responsible conduct that is conducive to sustainable development. This includes a respectful interaction with our members. 3.2 Ops-Team/Calls Within Discord you can create an Ops Call by contacting the Ops Team - This shall be used for any operational questions related to your flight. To call Operations, send the following command: !Ops.Call Your message eg.: !Ops.Call I use more fuel than planned and may have to divert 3.3 Notifying &am
  20. The procedures and processes, within this chapter are defined and referenced to ensure standardisation, monitoring and supervision of every flight operation. These standards must be followed and implemented to ensure that not only each flight, but all ensuing operations can be consistently and safely carried out. Where routine procedures fail, the traceability of all aspects of a flight operation must be ensured, as described in this and the above mentioned chapters, in order for corrective actions to be made and prevent any similar reoccurrence. 2.1 Flight Preparation vCLX Members ar
  21. 1.1 Managment Team The Management Team is responsible for maintaining day-to-day operation and assisting crew with administrative issues. A list of nominated Postholders is available within Discord. 1.2 Responsibilities and duties Senior Managment The Senior Management consists of five Members and care about the core managment of vCLX which includes the contact with the stakeholders. Recruitment decisions Disciplinary reviews and penalties Grievance resolution
  22. The meanings of words are as follows: “Shall, must, has to, is to”, and verbs used in present indicative form such as “does, perform”, etc., are used in an imperative, compulsory, mandatory sense. “Should” is used in a sense of strong recommendation. “May, might” are used in a permissive sense to state the authority or permission to do the mentioned act. “Must not, may not or no crew member may” mean that nobody is authorized or permitted to do the act. “Includes” means “includes but is not limited to”. “He, his, him, himself, …” are used for both male and
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