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  • OM-A 1. Organisation and Responsibilities

    1.1 Managment Team

    The Management Team is responsible for maintaining day-to-day operation and assisting crew with administrative issues. A list of nominated Postholders is available within Discord.

    1.2 Responsibilities and duties

    Senior Managment The Senior Management consists of five Members and care about the core managment of vCLX which includes the contact with the stakeholders.
    • Recruitment decisions
    • Disciplinary reviews and penalties
    • Grievance resolution
    • PIREP Management
    Management Board

    The management board consists of the senior management plus various postholders.

    • Determination of the flight safety policy
    • Allocation of responsibilities and duties and issuing instructions to individuals, sufficient for implementation of vCLX policy and the maintenance of safety standards
    • Recording and analysis of any deviations from vCLX standards and ensuring corrective action
    Accountable Manager

    Main: @Norbert Pflug | Deputy: @Steve Feigenwinter

    • Responsible for the overall management of the company
    • Is responsible to define and maintain a company culture, philosophy and safety culture
    • Ensures/monitors/checks that each Postholder is fulfilling his duties and responsibilities including in regards to quality
    Flight Operations

    Main:  @Steve Feigenwinter | Deputy: @Tom - CLX0214

    • Ensures and is responsible that the operation is carried out according to the valid
      legal rules and regulations such as EASA regulations and observes changes, amendments and/or revisions in national and/or international air legislation
    • Ensures and is responsible for the safe operation of aeroplanes
    • Manages, supports and is in charge of the pilots as superior and is responsible for
      their standard of performance
    • Is responsible for the compilation and content of the Operations Manual Parts
    • Supervises and ensures that crewmembers apply procedures, performance and
      flight safety standards in accordance with the OM. In case of ineffectiveness
      and/or non-compliance takes corrective action.
    • Development and implementation of standard operating procedures
    • Informs the AM about irregularities and occurrences of personnel and operative
    Crew Training

    Main: @Tom - CLX0214 | Deputy: @Steve Feigenwinter

    • Establishes the Training and Checking Programme
    • Responsible for procedures and administrative matters concerning training and
    • Analyses and verifies training records for completeness and correctness
    • Selection and supervision of training and checking personnel
    Ground Operations

    Main: @René Billiani | Deputy: Alfredo Hernandez Perezgomez

    • Events
    • Comms
    Flight Safety Mgr.

    Main: @Norbert Pflug | Deputy: By Case

    • Is responsible for establishing and maintaining the flight safety programme
    • To achieve and maintain risk awareness of all operations personnel involved in operation
    • Collects and promulgates information involving accidents, incidents and occurrences and reassures that knowledge of relevant occurrences is disseminated that other persons and organizations may learn from and prevent


    Safety Review Board

    The Safety review board is a high level committee that considers strategic safety functions. It is chaired by the accountable manager and be composed of the nominated Post holders.

    • Review of Safety Reports


    • Full authority over a flight, the aeroplane according to the vCLX OM/FCTM.
    • His responsibility starts with the flight planning and ends with all the work after the flight.
    vCLX Member
    • Keeps his records up to date
    • Maintains the minimum activity
    • Your name and date of birth within your vAMSYS profile must reflect your real identity.
    • Minimum Age of 13.
    • Resources and information obtained through vCLX, either specifically provided, implied or otherwise, are not to be disclosed to any person who is not a member of vCLX without the expressed written approval by vCLX. By reading this, You acknowledge and agree that you shall not provide this information to anyone else outside of vCLX. By reproducing, republishing or redistributing parts of our resources without permission, you are violating our rights under the Copyright Act. The copyright holder may seek for compensation cost from $5000 to $500000 for theft of intellectual property.

    1.3 Use of Discord

    The vCLX Discord-Server is our main point of contact for all members of the organisation. Membership in Discord is mandatory. Participation is highly encouraged, if you file a pirep and haven't participated for a while, you'll receive a penalty.

    All news, updates etc. are exclusively posted there and it's a binding requirement in order to get access to our TechLog or the Discounts.

    Being an active member in Discords yields you extra points on your "pirep" - this does not include handing around any channel and not being active in discussion, screenshots etc.. (e.g. be connected in a voice room for hours...). If you are neglecting of being an active member in Discord points shall be deducted from your "pirep" - Why? We like an active community plus you agreed to do so when you signed-up.

    1.4 First Flight after Signup

    We expect you to perform at least one (1) flight within your first seven days with us. If you do not perform a flight within the first seven days, your account is subject to removal without prior warning.

    LoAs are not accepted w/o your first three (3) months.

    1.5 Minimum activity

    We like to see at least one (1) flight every 30 days. As we do have some short flights, there is no excuse. This minimum requirement can be waived with either a LoA (Section 1.6) or being Whitelisted (Section 1.7). 

    1.6 Leave of Absence (LoA)

    We do accept Leave of Absences. All members are entitled to request a leave 90 Days leave per Year, except within their first three (3) months. LoAs need to be requested BEFOREHAND using the request by clicking on your name at the top right, then "My Settings" and "Airline", once removed for inactivity, it’s too late to request a LoA. 

    If we spot you doing activities for other VAs/VATSIM/IVAO during an active LoA, your active LoA will voided.

    1.7 Whitelist

    Your minimum activity can be waived for:

    • Management Members
    • Captains
    • Entitled members based on our personal discretion

    1.8 Training, Tours & Downloads

    Training, Tours, Downloads and a few other things are available within our "TechLog" - Access is available for confirmed Discord Users with at least one accepted PIREP. Access to the TechLog can be requested here. (Select Access Request Techlog/Downloads)

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