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  • OM-A 2. Operational Control and Supervision

    The procedures and processes, within this chapter are defined and referenced to ensure standardisation, monitoring and supervision of every flight operation. These standards must be followed and implemented to ensure that not only each flight, but all ensuing operations can be consistently and safely carried out. Where routine procedures fail, the traceability of all aspects of a flight operation must be ensured, as described in this and the above mentioned chapters, in order for corrective actions to be made and prevent any similar reoccurrence.

    2.1 Flight Preparation

    vCLX Members are encouraged to use either PFPX or SimBrief. You, as acting commander, are ultimately responsible for your OFP and the adherence to routing, airspace, fuelling, tankering, minimum fuel quantities, duty times, etc. - For additional information on Fuel/Weight Requirements - See Appendix 2 of this document.

    2.2 Closed Airspaces

    vCLX Members are required to avoid airspaces closed by NOTAM due to security issues. We try our best to update the company routes as often as possible. PIREPS with flights through closed airspaces (security reasons) are subject of removal. See Appendix 1

    2.3 PIREP-Points

    For a detailed list of PIREP Points see Appendix 4.

    2.4 Diversions / Emergencies

    We do allow Diversions and Emergencies - BUT we do expect a valid PIREP comment (without having to ask for it!). If you submit us a PIREP w/o explanation, the flight will be invalidated. If you fly with service based failures, make sure that your ship is well maintained (oil levels, maintenance etc.) to avoid technical issues. If you encounter issues, you can call Ops, and/or make a PIREP Comment. Nevertheless, we do not like to see incidents posted publicly (6.4 Netiquette)

    2.5 Simulation Rate, Pausing & Slewing

    If you decide to book a 10h flight, we expect you to do a 10h flight. If you don’t have the time for that, don’t fly it. Pausing we don’t accept either (this option is not available on the real plane either….). If you accidentally hit the pause button, we don’t care (we do see the time paused!). Everything in excess of “oops, wrong button” will result in an invalidation. The very same goes for slewing.

    2.6 Speeds, Weight & Balance and the lovely Fuel Counter 

    As commander it's your job to observe the limitations of the aircraft. This starts with a proper flightplan and self-briefing. We will look into all deviations and decide whether it was ok or not. We also would like to point out, that we strictly won't accept any form of cheating, manipulations or any form of unnecessary emergency functions. To name a few things: Inflight Re-/De-fuelling, Fueldumping (unless it's a reported emergency - full report needed!), unnecessary holdings to get below 20t, etc. - Those things went wrong at the planning stage. Worth to check Appendix 2: Fuel Planning and Appendix 4: PIREP Handling

    2.7 SmartCars Settings

    We're a KG company, you are required to set your SmartCars to KG as outlined here: https://vamsys.io/resources/smartcars - Failure to do so, will result in a warning message, subsequent PIREPS without the KG setting will lead to an immediate invalidation of the PIREP.

    2.8 Operations Specifications

    • Scheduled | All regular flights in our Schedule.
    • Non-scheduled | Special flights, ad-hoc charters,... May require management approval. A list, incl. requirements are available in discord.
    • Maintenance/Ferry Flights | Maintenance and or Ferry flights need management approval. [CLX9xxx] - Maintenance Flights will be announced in Discord

    2.9 Alternate Airports

    Only airports authorized by vCLX shall be used as destination/alternate. For most regular airports, you'll find port briefings, incl. a list of authorized alternates, in our TechLog. In case of Emergency, you may use any adequate airport. When diverting a PIREP-Comment is required.

    2.10 Airport Categorization

    Within vCLX we have categorized the airports into multiple categories. An explanation and more detail are available within the Port Briefings. If an Airport is not listed, it is automatically considered as Category C (see Port Briefing)

    2.11 PIREP Appeal

    If you do not agree with a rejected or invalidated PIREP, you can file an appeal within our support desk: Click Here (and select "Appeal" as Department")
    PIREPS with a PIREP Appeal will be check with all members of the management and a joint decision will be made. You will be notified within one week. The decision is final.

    2.12 Date and time settings

    For all flights you are requested to use real date and time settings in your simulator. Any manual point compensations for incorrect date/time settings can't be done.

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