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  • OM-A 3. Safety & Quality Management System

    3.1 Corporate Responsibility

    For vCLX, Corporate Social Responsibility means pursuing a socially and environmentally responsible conduct that is conducive to sustainable development. This includes a respectful interaction with our members.

    3.2 Ops-Team/Calls

    Within Discord you can create an Ops Call by contacting the Ops Team - This shall be used for any operational questions related to your flight. To call Operations, send the following command: !Ops.Call Your message

    eg.: !Ops.Call I use more fuel than planned and may have to divert


    3.3 Notifying & Reporting | PIREP Comments

    For the following incidents/cases/occurrences, a PIREP Comment is _mandatory_. If you experience something special which is not covered in the following list, you may also add a PIREP-Comment.
    - Collisions with other objects or terrain (incl. TCAS Resolution Advisories)
    - Aborted Takeoffs, Go-Arounds, use of incorrect or closed airports or runways.
    - Runway incursions (if Online, please let us know if under ATC, and who was in charge)
    - Runway excursions
    - Arriving below fuel minimas
    - Temporary or permanent loss of controls
    - Events leading into an emergency situation
    - Exceeding structural limits
    - Navigational errors
    - Airplane malfunctions
    - Non standard flap settings

    3.4 Safety Report

    Within the Service Desk, you have the option to file a Safety Report. Safety Reports will be checked by the Safety Review Board and might have an influence to your PIREP. A Safety Report should be raised for any major devition of Normal-Ops.

    3.5 Relevant External Standards

    The followings are more restrictive in the event of a conflict with the vCLX Operations Manuals and documents

    • IVAO/Vatsim Rules & Regulations
    • EU-OPS / EASA Regulations
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