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  • OM-A 4. Crew Composition

    4.1 Crew Composition

    All our flights are operated with a single pilot, except shared cockpit on the Majestic Dash which can be operated with two pilots.

    4.2 Flight crew incapacitation


    4.3 Designation of the Pilot in Command

    In our single pilot operation, the pilot is the Pilot in Command. When flying in “Shared Cockpit” environment the pilot with higher rank shall act as a Commander.

    4.4 Operation of more types

    There are no restrictions to our pilots engaged in the operations with vCLX aircraft

    4.5 Minimum activity

    The pilot must assure that he has carried out at least 1 flight (accepted PIREP, manual PIREP don't count) within 30 days. He must not accept the flight assignment if it’s foreseeable that he will exceed the flight and duty time limitation.

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