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  • OM-A 6. Communication Platforms

    6.1 Facebook Group

    vCLX we have a Facebook Group, which is available for Members only.

    6.2 Forum

    You are here now 🙂

    6.3 Discord

    6.3.1 Do I need it?

    Being a member in our Discord is manadatory. 

    6.3.2 How to get access?

    If you’re logged in on vAMSYS, you’ll find the Discord Widget on the right hand side, you can click there to access Discord. Discord works in your Browser (limited functionality), Desktop Application (Win/Mac/Linux) and as App for Android/iPhone - And it’s free!

    6.3.3 What is in there?

    We share our Screenshots in there, we have fun, we discuss things, we organise our events, etc.

    Discord is our primary source for updates, information, notams, ….

    6.3.4 Discord Groups

    There are a few usergroups we use in Discord:

    • Juniors: Basically everyone who is new to vCLX. (No file uploads, sorry.)
    • Flightcrew: Once you’ve made 10 Flights - Your place.
    • Homies: The ones who showed some commitment to vCLX and successfully mastered 150h with us.
    • Captains Club: Once you’re Captain, you’ll get access into this part.
    • Ops-Team: A support team you can contact via the Bot, if you have questions regarding your booking, flight, aircraft operations or SOP content.
    • FlightOps: Another definition for Staff

    All Group changes are done manually. Please grant us a day to update your roles, if it takes longer please contact us either in Discord or within the Helpdesk.

    6.4 Netiquette / Social Media

    It's fine to show abnormalities BUT we don't wish to see our planes sitting on the nose, resting on engines, or any other stuff that could lead into misleading, misguiding situations and leaving room for misinterpretations/speculations. You are also requested to refrain from posting such pictures on our Facebook-Group for the same obvious reasons. We also do not like discussions/speculations related to real incidents, except the discussion has been initiated by FlightOps.

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