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  • AP4-1. PIREP-Points

    Points awarded by vAMSYS

    See PIREP Points Manual at vAMSYS: Virtual Cargolux | PIREP Points Manual (vamsys.io)


    vCLX Points

    DEP/ARR/Div Diversion with suitable reason +25 Missing scenery does not count as suitable reason
      Diversion with fishy reason -50  
      Diversion without any reason -200  
    Fuel Stepclimbs +25  
      Fuel Penalty



    • Basic fuel penalty if landing with more than 20000kg
    • For every ton above 20000kg, -1 extra
    • Unnecessary holdings to reduce fuel value below 20.000kgs on arrival
      SOP Violation: Below min Dispatch Fuel -200
    • Off Block: minimum 25000kg on all 747 Ops. (Don't forget the APU)
      SOP Violation: Below min Arrival Fuel -200
    • Landing: minimum 10000kg on all 747 Ops.
    • For valid reasons, the penalty can get lowered/removed.
      System needs to be set to KG  -1
    • For the first PIREP which is not set to KG, penalty is -1
    • Any further PIREP with LBS instead of KG will be rejected.
    Structural Limits

    Exceeding structural Limits (MTOW, MLW, Hard Landings >600fpm, ...
    w/ PIREP Comment or Ticket

    0 to -100 Depending on the reason and deviation.
      Major violation of structural Limits and/or No PIREP -200 to -500  
    Flaps SOP Violation: Non Standard Flaps Setting -100 Flaps 20 for all takeoffs on our B747 Fleet (-400 and -8F) - For other types see here
    Online Conduct

    Online Flight - Verified








    "OPR/Virtualcargolux.org" missing










    • 100% online for flights <6h
    • At least 4h online for flights >6h, including full departure/arrival segment


    • Screenshot of IVAO Tracker. A direct link to the tracker does NOT work and is not accepted.
      Map and Flightplan/remarks need to be visible



    Missing remark about the virtual airline in online flight-plan

      Online Flight - Delayed Verification +25 If link arrives after PIREP Check
      No recent Discord activity -100 Since the community bonus is now part by default, the penalty has been modified.
    Operations Emergency with a filed safety occurrence report +25 If Ticket created in Jira
      SOP Violations: Non reported items -50 Per occurrence (See SOP 4.5)
      LVP: Approach Not Stable at 1500AGL (Flaps/gear) -100 If no go-around performed, per selection
      Approach Not Stable at 1000AGL (Flaps/gear) -100 If no go-around performed, per selection
      Incorrect Liveries rejection/invalidation If you do not fly the booked/requested livery/registration, your PIREP is scheduled to be rejected/invalidated. Depending on your seniority/amount of such occurrences.

    Engine start: Incorrect Order/Too quick/Dual start - Per occurence


    • Only 4, 3, 2, 1 is accepted, sequential start, engine must be stable before the next gets started.
    • No dual starts.
      Taxi in: Incorrect Shutdown -25
    • Cooldown period < 3mins
    • Shutdown prior Runway Crossing
    • Shutdown incorrect engines (either no 3 only, or 2 and 3 allowed)
    Membership PIREP submitted, without GDPR Consent


    • First PIREP receives a -1 Penalty as a reminder
    • Subsequent PIREPS will be rejected
      Not a Discord Member -1
    • First PIREP receives a -1 Penalty
    • Subsequent PIREPS will be rejected
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