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  • OM-A.P2 - Terms & Definitions

    The meanings of words are as follows:

    • “Shall, must, has to, is to”, and verbs used in present indicative form such as “does, perform”, etc., are used in an imperative, compulsory, mandatory sense.
    • “Should” is used in a sense of strong recommendation.
    • “May, might” are used in a permissive sense to state the authority or permission to do the mentioned act.
    • “Must not, may not or no crew member may” mean that nobody is authorized or permitted to do the act.
    • “Includes” means “includes but is not limited to”.
    • “He, his, him, himself, …” are used for both male and female


    A to A operations Take-off and landing are made at the same place.
    A to B operations Take-off and landing are made at different places.
    Block-off The time when an aircraft is moving from its parking position for the purpose of taking off
    Block-on The time after flight, when an aircraft comes to a stop on the parking position and all engines are shut down and at least one Door is open.
    Block time The time between an aircraft first moving from its parking place for the purpose of taking off until it comes to rest on the designated parking position and all engines or propellers are stopped and at least one Door is open.
    Duty Any task that a pilot is required to carry out associated with vCLX.
    Duty period A period which starts when a pilot is required by the operator to report for duty and ends 30 minutes after block on of last flight. If the duty was not connected to a flight duty period, it ends after finalizing work for the operator.
    Flight duty period(FDP) A Flight Duty Period (FDP) is any time during which a person operates in an aircraft as a member of its crew. The FDP starts when the pilot is required by the operator to report for a flight or a series of flights; it finishes at block-on of the last flight on which he/she is an operating pilot.
    Local day A 24 hour period commencing at 00:00 local time.
    Local night A period of 8 hours falling between 22:00 hours and 08:00 hours localtime.
    Night The hours between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight or such other period between sunset and sunrise, as may be prescribed by the appropriate authority.
    Reporting time Time at which the pilot starts the preparation of a flight or series of flights. Reporting time shall be at least one hour prior planned time of departure. All duty performed after reporting time and before flight are considered flight duty period.
    Unforeseen circumstances Circumstances of technical, meteorological or operational difficulties which become obvious after the crew has reported for a flight duty period, excluding reactional consequences of economic nature.
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