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  1. Hello, flight schedule and routing update completed for CLX and ICV with flights having performed within the last 7 days. Destinations clean up also completed, so the "Destination Map" under "Flight Center" is now showing flights and connections as they are happening those days. Update for LGL schedule and routing is forrseen upon start of Summer Time-Table last week of March (unless some extra activity is spotted and reported, e.g. the latest charters to SCR and DXB/RKT). Please check "company information" for a flight you like to book in order to avoid surprised once pi
  2. Please be advised if a major schedule update that happened today to allign with current AIRAC (2012) being effective - routes have been updated with actual flown routings in the last 6 days - see announcement in our Discord channel. Some flights have been deleted, plenty of new routings added, and even those that are currently not servered remained available. Enjoy, and remember to check the "company info" on the booking screen in case of "special instructions" for your flight. Cheers Norbert
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