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Welcome to virtual.cargolux



This page contains a few items which might be important for your career with us.

Before you jump into a plane

As much as we like and endorse Data-Privacy, it has become a hassle for companies or organizations like us. Therefore it is absolutely required to read this page. Your action IS required, without we will have to remove you from our roster for legal reasons.

Your First Flight with us

Your first flight with us needs to be within the first 7 days. If you haven't done a flight in this period, your account will be removed without prior warning.

That was the easy part. 


Please read our SOP, it contains a lot of information and guidances - Following them helps to avoid invalidated PIREPS. The SOP can be found here: http://sop.virtualcargolux.org

The most important things out of it - And these items are not negotiable:

  • 1 Flight per month unless you have a LoA (not in your first two months)
  • Fly the plane you booked. A B744 is not a B748 etc., Book the paint you intend to fly. 
  • Stay away from closed airspaces
  • Check your fuel figures (see SOP for the numbers)
  • Stay within the certified aircraft weights
  • No Pausing, Slewing, Sim Rate, excessive unnecessary holdings, ...

This does, by no means, replace the requirements in the SOP.


We do not have a forum, instead we use Discord. We're not on the vAMSYS Community Discord, we have our own. And yes, we look for active Members (which will be awarded by extra points).

Once you're in our Discord, you'll receive a Message sent by our Bot "Señor Ity" asking you to change your Nickname to "Firstname - CLXyourID" (eg. John - CLX0123). To change your nickname (which is for the local server only), rightclick your name and select "Change Nickname". Once you submitted your GDPR consent (see below) a member of the FlightOps Team will upgrade your account status - This might take several hours.

Make sure you have/use a registered Discord account, temporary/unregistered accounts will not be approved.


TechLog is the Member Portal, actually this site. It contains various Information, Downloads, etc., but you need to be logged in. 

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is available here: http://support.virtualcargolux.org

Attention - Your action is required

  • Read our SOP: http://sop.virtualcargolux.org
    You will have to accept and agree with our SOP. Failure to do so, will lead to an account termination. (Opt-In)
  • Read our Privacy Policy: http://www.virtualcargolux.org/privacy/
    You will have to accept and agree with our SOP. Failure to do so, makes it impossible for us to serve you, and hence your account will be terminated. (Opt-In)
  • We do process, use and store data which is considered "private" by the EU-GDPR. Basically as outlined within the Privacy Policy. In addition, if you have been banned, or had disciplinary actions, we will have to store your name and email address for legal reasons. - You need to agree to this. Otherwise we have to terminate your account. (Opt-In)
  • Within discord, our users discuss various things, this might contain private data. As this is built like a chat, we cannot remove historic messages for a specific user. Additionally, some users may tag you or post links and screenshots. See or Privacy Policy on this. We reserve the right to use your screenshots for our websites. You can Opt-In to this, but you don't have to. If you do not agree with this, we have to restrict your access and you won't get access to the whole community. 

If you're still reading, now it's your action:

Note: You can amend or revoke a given consent to any of the four points at any time - Simply file a new request - If you wish to get your data removed, we will remove your account after the completion of the request.

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